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Marijuana Can Help Battle Depression, Anxiety, Addiction

The  most comprehensive research review ever done  on the topic found that marijuana can help battle depression, anxiety, post-tra...

martedì 3 gennaio 2017

Cannabis medicine will soon be legally available in UK

One of the main ingredients in cannabis, cannabidiol (CBD), is to be classed as a medicine in the UK. The decision by the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) stems from claims that the drug successfully treats serious diseases

Arriva nelle farmacie italiane la cannabis terapeutica di Stato

Arriva nelle farmacie, la cannabis terapeutica prodotta dallo Stato. Dallo Stabilimento Chimico Farmaceutico Militare di Firenze saranno spediti due flaconcini (per un totale di 10 grammi di sostanza) alla farmacia Campedello di Vicenza, la prima in Italia

Colorado Topped $1 Billion in Legal Marijuana Sales in 2016

It only took Colorado 10 months to pass $1 billion in legal cannabis sales in 2016, one year after the state came up just shy of that milestone revenue figure

Mexico Senate passes medical marijuana bill

Mexico's Senate has overwhelmingly approved a bill allowing for the use of medical marijuana, in a further step towards outright legalisation in a country long wracked by warring drug cartels

Marijuana Is Officially Legal In Nevada

With the stroke of midnight in Nevada, marijuana is officially legal. Freedom! Nevada becomes the 7th state to legalize recreational marijuana, behind Colorado, Washington, Alaska, Oregon, California, Massachusetts, and also Washington D.C.

domenica 11 dicembre 2016

Nano Cannabis

Sales based on Israeli startup Lyotropic Delivery Systems (LDS) Biotech‘s nanotechnology have started in the US

Gonzo Cannabis

Hunter S. Thompson's everlasting influence will soon include a brand of cannabis under the "Gonzo" name, thanks to his widow, Anita Thompson

"Releaf" Medical Marijuana App

Using edibles for your medical marijuana treatment? Now you can also track that experience with Releaf

Vaginal Cannabis

The almighty health benefits of cannabis are becoming increasingly accepted in mainstream society and are being bolstered by numerous recent studies

Marijuana Can Help Battle Depression, Anxiety, Addiction

The most comprehensive research review ever done on the topic found that marijuana can help battle depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and even addictions to alcohol and painkillers

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